In April 2021, a group of water providers in Lincoln County, Oregon, formed Mid-Coast Water to promote water conservation and improve regional supply resilience. Mid-Coast Water enables water providers to pool resources and share knowledge to accomplish more water conservation activities than could be done individually, benefiting all communities involved. By providing consistent information about water conservation, Mid-Coast Water is helping to build a common community awareness and address shared water supply challenges, such as drought emergencies and growing customer demands.

Mid-Coast Water Milestones

April 2023

Launched Mid-Coast Water Website
Created this educational website to raise awareness about regional water conservation.

April 2022

Water-Saving Fixtures
Shared water-saving fixtures with participating water providers to give away to their water customers. 

January 2022

Built Educator Toolkit
Developed and shared materials for a region-specific water conservation curriculum with local educators.

April 2021

Founded Mid-Coast Water
Came together to form Mid-Coast Water and promote regional water conservation.

Water Providers

Learn more about the Mid-Coast water providers who are partnering together to make a greater impact. Contact your water provider to request a water conservation kit.

Join Mid-Coast Water

By working together, Mid-Coast water providers can make a greater regional impact with water conservation. Every water provider on the Mid-Coast is invited to become a member.

Benefits of Membership

  • Outreach materials to raise customer awareness
  • Water conservation supplies for customers
  • Education activities tailored for the Mid-Coast
  • Resources for water providers

Mid-Coast Water activities also help water providers meet Water Management and Conservation Plan five-year water conservation benchmarks where applicable.

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