Water is essential to the health and vitality of our Mid-Coast communities and environment. Mid-Coast Water is taking action on our shared responsibility to protect, sustain, and be good stewards of the region’s limited water supply resources. At its heart, water conservation is about using our water wisely—being efficient and reducing waste so that we can sustainably use this critical resource.

Water Supply Challenges

Communities in the Mid-Coast region rely mostly on water from streams. A key challenge to balancing water uses with available supplies is the variation in rainfall across the region from season-to-season and from year-to-year. The Mid-Coast is a rainfall-driven ecosystem with limited storage. That means our water can be plentiful when rain is falling, but we do not have snowpack or significant underground storage to feed our waterways during dry times.

The summer seasons when water reserves are often at their lowest are the same times that fish and wildlife are reliant on cool water for survival and that our communities are the thirstiest. Being thoughtful about our use of every drop of water will help maintain the health of our waterways and make our region more resilient to droughts and other supply challenges.

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