On July 21, Gov. Brown declared a drought emergency in Lincoln County based on the countywide lack of precipitation, high temperatures, and low streamflows, which are conditions forecasted to persist through the summer. These drought conditions are anticipated to significantly impact many sectors of the local economy, drinking water, and fish and wildlife. In response to ongoing drought conditions, water providers in Lincoln County are considering or are already implementing water curtailment plans.

Water curtailment plans outline the conditions under which water use may need to be reduced and describe actions to be implemented. The plans are organized into water curtailment stages related to the severity of the conditions affecting water supply. Under Stage 1, water providers typically request voluntary water conservation actions. Under Stage 2 and later, water providers may implement mandatory water use restrictions.

The Mid-Coast Water Conservation Consortium encourages water conservation and recommends that water customers look for information from their water provider. Your water provider will inform you if a water curtailment stage is in effect, and if so, what voluntary or mandatory water conservation actions are needed. If you have any questions, please contact your water provider. Contact information can be found on your water bill.