We are pleased to announce that the Mid-Coast Water Conservation Consortium (Mid-Coast Water) has a new conservation website,, full of resources to educate our community about conserving water resources. Water conservation helps our region be more resilient when experiencing
water supply challenges, such as drought.

Information you can find on the website includes:

Indoor and Outdoor Conservation Tips

  • Water-Efficient Plumbing – Fixture updates that will help you save water without changing routines.
  • Leak Detection – Ways to identify leaks in the home and yard.
  • Water-Efficient Habits – Actions you can take to save water consistently indoors and outdoors.
  • Water-Efficient Landscapes – Plants and landscape management activities that help reduce water needs.
  • Irrigation Technologies – Tools to help you irrigate more efficiently.
  • Think Outside the Box – Other creative ideas for saving water.

News and Events

Updates about the region, such as drought declarations, press releases, and upcoming community events.

About the Mid-Coast Water Conservation Consortium

The purpose, history, and timeline of Mid-Coast Water.

Educator and Business Resources

Conservation lesson plan for fourth graders and assistance for businesses.